Affiliate Program

How it works

Welcome to join the affiliate program

1. To apply to become a affiliate, you only need to share the product and website in any channel. After the buyer purchases, he can get the corresponding commission for the actual amount of the product.

2. The invitee can also get a discount through your sharing link.

3. Orders with refunds will not be included in the commission calculation.

4. At present, many affiliates have obtained considerable income through the plan, come join the affiliate plan!


1. Payout Details:

10% of order sale amount

2. Schedule

Action Locking: Actions are locked 30 day(s)

Invoicing: Actions are invoiced on the 20 of the month after they lock

Payout Scheduling: Approved transactions are paid 21 day(s) after the end of the day they lock

3. Qualified Referrals

Credit Policy: Last Click

Referral Window: Allow referrals from clicks within 30 day(s)

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