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Stay Connected with the Best eSIM for Japan Travel

Dec 26,2023 | James

Are you in the midst of planning a thrilling adventure to Japan? Amid the excitement of exploring the rich culture, vibrant cities, and picturesque landscapes, there's often one concern that lingers in the back of every traveler's mind – ensuring seamless and reliable mobile connectivity throughout the journey.
Arriving in a foreign country, especially one as dynamic as Japan, can be both exhilarating and slightly daunting. Among the myriad of preparations, ensuring that your smartphone stays connected is a top priority. Traditional methods involve navigating local SIM card options, understanding carrier plans, and sometimes even facing language barriers at the point of purchase.
However, there's a modern solution that promises to alleviate these concerns and add a touch of technological sophistication to your travel preparations – the Embedded SIM, or eSIM.

About eSIMs for Japan Travel

What eSIMs Are

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a small, integrated chip embedded within a device that serves the same purpose as a traditional physical SIM card. The key difference is that, unlike a physical SIM card that needs to be inserted or removed from a device, an eSIM is embedded during the device's manufacturing process and can be programmed with the necessary information to connect to a mobile network.

Key advantages of eSIMs for Japan Travel

Convenience: Carrying and handling physical SIM cards can be inconvenient. An eSIM eliminates the need for a physical card, making it more convenient to switch between carriers or plans without the risk of misplacing or damaging a SIM card. Travelers can avoid the hassle of purchasing and installing a physical SIM card upon arrival in Japan. With an eSIM, they can remotely activate a local mobile plan before or upon arrival, ensuring immediate connectivity.
Flexibility: Some eSIMs can support multiple operator profiles simultaneously. This means that travelers could potentially have profiles for both their home country's carrier and a local Japanese carrier on the same eSIM, and they are able to switch between different mobile operators in Japan without needing to acquire and insert a new SIM card. This flexibility is particularly useful if they find better coverage, pricing, or services from another carrier.
Pre-Activated Plans: Travelers can purchase and activate a local Japanese mobile plan for their eSIM in advance, ensuring they have immediate access to voice and data services upon arrival. This is especially useful for those landing in Japan with tight schedules or limited time to arrange for a local SIM card.
Compatibility with Various Devices: Not limited to smartphones, eSIMs can be used in many kinds of devices, such as tablets, smartwatches, laptops, and other connected devices, which provides seamless connectivity across multiple devices during the trip.
Environmental Impact: The use of eSIM technology can contribute to reducing plastic waste associated with traditional physical SIM cards. This aligns with eco-friendly practices and supports a more sustainable approach to telecommunications.
Security: eSIM technology provides a secure environment for storing SIM-related information, contributing to enhanced security measures for mobile connectivity during travel.
When considering an eSIM for travel to Japan, it's important to check the specific offerings of eSIM providers and ensure that the eSIM is compatible with the traveler's device. Additionally, checking for coverage, data plans, and customer support options are important factors in choosing the right eSIM service for a trip to Japan.

Japan’s Leading Mobile Carriers that Support eSIM Service

In the age of mobile technology, the incorporation of eSIM services by prominent Japanese mobile carriers has proven to be a transformative development. This innovation provides users with a more streamlined and effective approach to overseeing their connectivity requirements. Below are the key mobile carriers in Japan that offer eSIM services.
NTT DOCOMO: Shaping the Future of Connectivity
As one of Japan's telecommunications giants, NTT DOCOMO has been at the forefront of embracing eSIM technology. Travelers and residents can experience the ease of activating local plans remotely, ensuring instant access to NTT DOCOMO's robust network. The carrier's commitment to innovation extends to providing flexibility in choosing plans, catering to diverse needs with a seamless eSIM experience.
SoftBank: Connecting Beyond Boundaries
SoftBank, a key player in the Japanese telecom landscape, stands as a testament to connectivity without constraints. With support for eSIM services, SoftBank empowers users to navigate the digital realm effortlessly. Whether it's switching between carriers for better coverage or choosing plans tailored to individual preferences, SoftBank's eSIM offerings exemplify the carrier's commitment to keeping users connected wherever they go.
au by KDDI: Elevating Connectivity with eSIM Solutions
Under the umbrella of KDDI, au has positioned itself as a leading mobile carrier with a focus on enhancing user experiences. The introduction of eSIM services by au aligns with the carrier's dedication to technological excellence. Travelers and residents can benefit from the convenience of activating and managing local plans seamlessly, adapting to their connectivity requirements with ease.

Best Japan eSIMs for tourists and short-term visitors

Let's delve into the offerings of key eSIM providers in Japan, each contributing to a seamless and technologically advanced experience for users.
Ubigi emerges as a global connectivity service provider, offering eSIM solutions that transcend borders. Positioned as a bridge for international travelers, Ubigi's eSIM services empower users to stay seamlessly connected across various countries. The provider facilitates convenient management of eSIM profiles through a user-friendly app, ensuring that users can activate and switch plans effortlessly.
Sakura Mobile
Sakura Mobile, a distinguished Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Japan, extends its commitment to connectivity with eSIM services. Catering to both residents and travelers, Sakura Mobile's eSIM offerings provide flexible solutions for those seeking reliable data and voice services. With a focus on user convenience, the provider ensures a straightforward activation process and compatibility with a range of devices.
Airalo distinguishes itself as a worldwide eSIM marketplace committed to simplifying connectivity for global travelers. The platform provides a diverse range of eSIMs, enabling users to transition seamlessly between countries without the requirement for physical SIM cards. Airalo's eSIM services prioritize user-friendliness, providing a convenient solution for travelers in search of immediate access to data plans in different destinations.
Mobal, a trusted international mobile service provider, extends its commitment to user convenience with eSIM solutions. Tailored for travelers, Mobal's eSIM services offer a hassle-free way to access voice and data services while abroad. Users can expect a seamless experience, allowing them to stay connected without the constraints of physical SIM cards.
ByteSim is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for cross-border travel communication needs. Currently, ByteSim eSIM cards have covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world, including Greater China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United States and Canada, and have covered major popular travel destinations around the world.

How much eSIMs cost for Japan

The charging methods utilized by eSIM providers exhibit diversity and are contingent on several factors, such as the provider's business model, the selected plan or package, and the specific terms and conditions of the service. This diversity proves advantageous for users, offering them the flexibility to choose an eSIM plan that best aligns with their individual preferences, usage patterns, and budgetary considerations.
Below is a simplified chart comparing the charges of different eSIM providers, serving as a convenient point of reference for users seeking to make informed decisions based on their unique needs.
Data Plan
US $17.00
Japan only
Sakura Mobile
¥5,850 JPY
(US $41.06)
Japan only
US $9.00
(original price US $18.00)
Japan only
¥3,850 JPY
(US $27.02)
Japan only
US $14.20
Japan only

Things to Ensure before Getting an eSIM for Your Japan Trip

Device Compatibility: Before delving into the world of eSIM connectivity, it's crucial to ensure that your device supports this innovative technology. Most modern smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices are equipped with eSIM functionality, but it's wise to double-check compatibility.
Coverage and Plans: Each carrier offers a spectrum of plans catering to different data and voice needs. Consider the coverage area, plan details, and any specific features offered by the carrier to align with your requirements.
Activation Process: The activation process for eSIM services may vary slightly between carriers. Familiarize yourself with the steps involved, whether it's through a dedicated app, device settings, or an online portal provided by the carrier.
Customer Support: In the dynamic world of telecommunications, having reliable customer support is invaluable. Choose a carrier that not only offers robust eSIM services but also provides responsive and accessible customer support to address any queries or concerns.
In conclusion, navigating the eSIM landscape in Japan is a journey of empowerment and connectivity. By considering device compatibility, tailoring plans to your needs, understanding the activation process, and prioritizing customer support, you pave the way for a seamless and enriched experience in the interconnected world of eSIM technology. As you embark on your connectivity journey in Japan, may it be a venture marked by effortless communication, reliability, and the boundless possibilities that eSIM technology brings to the forefront of modern telecommunications.


In conclusion, opting for an eSIM when planning a trip to Japan is a strategic decision to guarantee seamless connectivity. The convenience, flexibility, and ease of use associated with eSIMs make them an ideal solution for travelers navigating the intricate mobile carrier landscape of Japan. When selecting an eSIM provider, factors such as coverage, pricing, and additional services come into play. While multiple brands excel in providing eSIM services for Japan, ByteSim, among others, distinguishes itself for its reliability, user-friendly approach, and competitive pricing. Ultimately, choose the eSIM provider that aligns with your specific needs to ensure a connected, stress-free travel experience.