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9 Reasons to Use eSIM Data Plan Instead of Data Roaming Service

Aug 29,2023 | Tim

If you are a traveling lover or businessman buzzing around the world, chances are you have used international roaming plans. To be honest, they are not travel-friendly. Data roaming often comes with a hefty price tag, limited coverage, delayed data consumption prompts, and unclear instructions from service providers. 

Today, we are providing you 9 reasons to replace your costly and inconvenient data roaming selection with a much better alternative:

  • Faster Activation

Activating an eSIM typically involves a quick and straightforward process, such as following on-screen instructions or using QR codes. This avoids the hassle of visiting physical stores or waiting for SIM card shipments.

*(Click here to check How to set up your eSIM )

  • Convenience

Embedded Subscriber Identity Module, known as eSIM allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without the need for a physical SIM card, what you need to do is just a few clicks according to installing instructions. This eliminates the hassle of swapping SIM cards when traveling or switching between different plans

*(If you are wondering how to install an eSIM, click here for more instructions)

  • Cost-effectiveness

Data roaming can often be quite expensive, with high per-MB rates, and you may be surcharged for your extra data consumption owing to delayed consumption prompts. In contrast, eSIM data plans can offer more competitive pricing, and you can check the real-time data consumption whenever you want.

*(You can check how much data you have by going to your device’s data settings . You can also contact our support team via email or WhatsApp to inquire about your remaining data usage if you are using a ByteSIM. )

  • Flexibility

With eSIM, you can have multiple cellular plans on your device simultaneously according to your smartphone type. This means you can switch between different plans, such as local data plans when traveling, without the need to physically change SIM cards.

*(Click here to check the eSIM capability of different smartphone types)

  • Accessibility

eSIM can be more readily available in various countries, but PLS make sure that you have easy access to cellular connectivity without relying solely on specific roaming agreements.

*(You can check it from "Cellular" or "Mobile Data" setting on your phone or directly contact your mobile service provider or carrier)

  • Local Phone Numbers

By using eSIM, you can have both your home country number and a local number from the country you are visiting. This allows you to make and receive calls and texts via local rates, making it convenient and cost-effective for staying connected.

*(Note: provided services may vary from various carriers. PLS check the service agreements before purchase and activation)

  • Better Security

eSIM technology provides increased security, as the digital SIM is embedded in the device and not easily removable like a physical SIM card. This reduces the risk of SIM card swapping or unauthorized use of your cellular plan.

  • Environmental Sustainability

Since eSIM eliminates the need for physical SIM cards, it contributes to reducing electronic waste associated with the production and disposal of traditional SIM cards.

  • Future-proof Technology

As eSIM technology continues to advance and gain support from ever-increasing carriers worldwide, choosing an eSIM data plan ensures compatibility with future devices and network technologies.


There is no doubt that eSIM technology will become the trend of mobile device industry in the future. If you are still using the traditional data roaming service, it's time to make a change.! Last but not least, remember to check the compatibility of your mobile devices before making the switch.

ByteSIM Core Competencies:

Operating Data and Capabilities Showcase

Data Traffic Per Day 45TB+

Users Totally Per Year 5M+

Global Distributors and Channels 100+

Enterprise Customers 30+