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The Best 9 Must-to-Go Places in China!

Aug 29,2023 | Tim


Hello guys! As we know China is one of the great ancient countries in the world, she is endowed with the 3rd largest vast land, abundant resources and more than five-thousand-year of deposits in culture and history. So, today we are going to take a view of her glamor and beauty.

The Great Wall

Free photo the great wall

photo the great wall

As the saying goes, " One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero". This is not only a traditional Chinese thought but is also very influential for foreigners. Many people just understand the Great Wall is listed as their first destination in China. On every holiday crowds of people are filled with the Great Wall arm by arm, but nothing can stop people's love for the Great Wall! The Great Wall is not only one of the seven wonders of the world, but also the building on Earth that can be seen with the naked eye from space.


The Forbidden City

Free photo the enchanting forbidden city in beijing in the early morning sunlight.

the enchanting forbidden city in beijing in the early morning sunlight.

Forbidden City is known as the first of the world's five great palaces together with France's Palace of Versailles, Britain's Buckingham Palace, the White House of the United States, and Russia's Kremlin).

The Forbidden City is the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties in China and common civilians are forbidden to enter or close the palace. The Forbidden City, the essence of ancient court architecture in China it is one of the largest and best-preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

Let alone foreigners, the Chinese people throughout the land also desire to take any chance to admire this glorious place.


Shenglongjia Nature Reserve

Free photo rafting sunrise travel mist tourism peak

rafting sunrise travel mist tourism peak

Shennongjia, located in Hubei Province, is a paradise for believers of " Bigfoot "(the legendary mysterious wild man), and over the past 100 years, many people have claimed to have seen Bigfoot there. Trees in the mist-filled forest valley flourish, the original scenery, remains virgin, and plants and animals of a variety of kinds can be seen here. So there is no doubt that Shenlongjia is literally " the first peak in Central China".

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Free photo natural landscape

photo natural landscape

The scenery of Zhangjiajie can be described as a "compact wonderland, enlarged " bonsai ". The beauty of Zhangjiajie goes without saying anything. Walking along Tianmen Mountain Glass Plank Road and Ghost Valley Plank Road, the views of planet Pandora may fade away from your mind, but the beauty there will remain in your heart forever.

Mount Huang

Free photo bukhansan mountains is covered by morning fog and sunrise in bukhansan national park, seoul in south korea.

morning fog and sunrise.

Mount Huang , also well-known as Huangshan in Chinese is the first choice of many foreign tourists who want to return to nature and enjoy traveling in the countryside. The sheer mountains, clean water, fresh air and easy-going climate... all of them in Huangshan make people from home and abroad shocked! Mount Huang is a fantastic scenic spot where people can find a harmonious mixture of " magical natural scenery and human cultural heritage". Huangshan is famous for the "five wonders" : postural pines (most famous for welcoming pines), vivid rocks, the sea of clouds, snow in winter, waterfalls in summer altogether with cliff stone carvings and Huangshan style paintings.


Free photo landscape with an old building

landscape with an old building

Why do so many foreigners like to travel to Hangzhou? They will reply," Cuz I can enjoy the West Lake , eat Wushan roast chicken and view the distinctive cultural heritages of Hangzhou( Leifeng Pagoda, Lingyin Temple). There are thousands of reasons to visit Hangzhou. Here is a saying that goes: "Paradise above, and Hangzhou below", which means the beauty of Hangzhou equals the wonderland of Heaven.

The Tomb of the First Emperor Qin

Photo china generative ai terracotta warriors

Photo china generative ai terracotta warriors

The Emperor Qin Tomb is famous for its thousands of terracotta warriors and horses. The face painting on these warriors is especially wonderful: canthi, eyeballs even the pupils are made vividly. It is hard to imagine that as early as more than 2000 years ago, ancient Chinese people had such exquisite craftmanship.

In 1987, the Tomb of the First Emperor Qin and the pit of Terracotta Warriors and horses were approved by UNESCO to be included in the World Heritage List and hailed as the " eighth wonder of the world". It has been visited by more than 200 state leaders and has become a representative mark of China's ancient splendid civilization.


Photo colorful in autumn forest and snow mountain at yading nature reserve the last shangri la

Photo colorful in autumn forest and snow mountain at yading nature reserve the last shangri la

In the eyes of many foreigners, Shangri-La is holy and beautiful, can not tolerate any blasphemy, and is a real wonderland in the world. Here, snow-capped mountains, forests, holy lakes, and plateaus stay in your heart. Foreign writers have described it as a place of eternal peace in the mountains of the East. full of purity and tranquility.


Free photo wooden bridge at koh nangyuan island in surat thani, thailand

wooden bridge at koh nangyuan island in surat thani, thailand

Sanya in Hainan Province successfully won over foreign tourists with its warm climate, coconut palms and sandy beaches, and a tourism style that combines leisure and wellness. The warm sun shines on your face, the soft sand under your feet, and the cool and sweet coconut drink in your hands, oh, this is life! The boardwalk along the beach also features a variety of seafood stalls, barbecue stands and bars. No hesitate, come to Sanya!

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