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How to Check Which ESIM/SIM Is Working on My Samsung/iPhone/Xiaomi/Oppo/Pixel?

Aug 29,2023 | Tim

Phone is one of the essential tools in our daily life, they bring us joy and convenience. But managing your phone well also plays an important role. So, today we are gonna show how to check your eSIM/SIM is active on your phones for better cellphone management.

To check which eSIM or SIM is using data on various smartphones, you can try the following methods:

Samsung (Android)

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  • Access the " Settings" app.

  • Tap on " Connections" or " Network & Internet" (depending on your device).

  • Select " SIM card manager" or " SIM card & mobile data."

Look for the active eSIM or SIM, which may be displayed with a checkmark or labeled as " Active."


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  • Go to the " Settings" app.

  • Tap on " Mobile Data" (or " Cellular" in some regions).

  • Look for the list of " eSIMs and SIMs" under the " Mobile Data" section.

The active eSIM or SIM will be indicated by a green checkmark or the word " Active" beside it.

Xiaomi (Android)

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  • Tap on the " Settings" app.

  • Tap on " SIM cards & mobile networks" or " Dual SIM and mobile network."

  • Look for the list of eSIMs and SIMs.

The active eSIM or SIM may be indicated by being labeled as " Active" or with a checkmark.

Oppo (Android)

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  • Access the " Settings" app.

  • Tap on " Dual SIM & Cellular" or " Dual SIM & Mobile Network."

  • Look for the list of eSIMs and SIMs.

The active eSIM or SIM might be labeled as " Active" or highlighted in some way.

Pixel (Android)

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  • Open the " Settings" app.

  • Tap on " Network & Internet" or " Connections" (depending on your device).

  • Select " Mobile network" or " Mobile data."

  • Look for the " SIM cards" or " SIM card manager" option.

You should see a list of eSIMs and SIMs, with the active one labeled or highlighted.

* Please note that the options and exact steps may vary slightly depending on the specific models and versions of the mentioned smartphones. Of course, if you have any relevant questions, PLS feel free to Contact Us . We are 24/7 here to help you!

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