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有关 eSIM 2024 的最新常见问题解答!

Aug 29,2023 | Tim



What is eSIM?

eSIM is an embedded SIM or a virtual SIM card that allows you to activate a cellular plan without using a physical SIM card. eSIM is a permanent component of the device and does not need to be removed. eSIM information is programmable, allowing you to change carriers in network-connected conditions without manually inserting or changing physical SIM.

When can I install my eSIM?

Most eSIMs will activate only when they connect to a supported network at the destination. On the other hand, regardless of the location, some eSIMs will activate instantly as soon as they are installed. The activation policy will be as follows:

  • The validity period starts when the eSIM connects to any supported network(s)”:旅行前,您可以安装 eSIM 而无需激活。到达目的地后,只要您按照 eSIM 安装页面上的说明进行操作,就可以通过激活 eSIM 线路来建立连接。

  • The validity period starts at the installation”:安装后,您的 eSIM 将立即激活,这意味着即使您尚未到达目的地,有效期也会开始计算。

How to install and activate my eSIM?

Check compatibility: Verify that your device supports eSIM technology and that your carrier provides eSIM activation.

* Click here to check the eSIM compatibility of your phone

*Select the corresponding eSIM data plan according to your location country

  • Access eSIM settings:在您的设备上,转到设置菜单并查找“Cellular“ 或者 ”Mobile Data" section. Within this menu, you should find an option to add or set up an eSIM. Select this option.

  • Scan the QR code: When prompted, use your device's camera to scan the eSIM QR code that you obtained from your carrier.

  • Complete the activation process: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the eSIM activation process.

*This may involve confirming your carrier details, agreeing to terms and conditions, and entering any required verification codes.

  • Label and manage your eSIM profiles: Once the eSIM is activated, you can label it appropriately to distinguish between different eSIM profiles if you have multiple. You can also manage your eSIM settings, such as setting a default line for calls, data, and messages.

* [ *How to set up my eSIM on iPhone/Pixel/Samsung?*** ](


When you are trying to add an eSIM that has been added before, or the QR code was partially scanned due to poor connection, this error message appears.To check if the eSIM has been installed or not, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings>>前往General>>点击关于并向下滚动。

*Viewing whether the ICCID(eSIM/SIM ID)存在:如果不存在,则证明安装失败;如果是,则表示 eSIM 已安装并开启,并且 eSIM 线路设置为“On" in your Cellular Plans.

*It is important to note that if you remove the eSIM and try to reinstall it, it will be impossible!

If you are installing the eSIM for the first time, this error message could be due to a poor connection, VPN enabled, or too many eSIMs installed on the device.

  • Please follow the steps below to install your eSIM successfully:

  1. Disable any VPN

  2. Ensure that you have a good and stable internet connection

  3. Remove any eSIMs you will no longer use

  4. Check if the software is updated to the latest version

  5. Try to install an eSIM through an installation method different than before

Can I bring my existing number to a new device using eSIM?

  • Contact your current carrier: Reach out to your current carrier and inform them that you want to transfer your existing number to an eSIM on your new device.

  • Obtain an eSIM QR code or activation code: Your carrier will provide you with an eSIM QR code or activation code specific to your existing number.

  • Set up eSIM on your new device:在新设备上,转到设置菜单并查找“Cellular“ 或者 ”Mobile Data" section.

  • Scan the eSIM QR code: Use your device's camera to scan the eSIM QR code or enter the activation code provided by your carrier for your existing number.

  • Follow on-screen instructions: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the eSIM activation process using your existing number.

How many eSIM profiles can be stored on a device?

You can store multiple eSIM profiles on a device, but the exact number may vary depending on your device manufacturer, origin country and storage capacity.

Click* [ *here*** ]( to check the eSIM capability of your cellphone

Are there any limitations or restrictions when using eSIM?

  • Limited device compatibility: Not all devices support eSIM technology. Make sure to check if your device is eSIM compatible before attempting to activate and use it.

  • Limited carrier support: While eSIM adoption is increasing, not all carriers support eSIM activation. It's crucial to verify with your specific carrier if they offer eSIM services and if your desired plan is compatible.

  • Device locking: Some carriers may lock the eSIM to their network, meaning you cannot switch to another carrier's eSIM without unlocking the device first.

  • Limited roaming options: Roaming with eSIM may have its limitations depending on the carrier. Some carriers may not offer eSIM roaming services in certain regions.

  • Device compatibility restrictions: Certain devices may only support using either eSIM or physical SIM cards, limiting your flexibility to switch between the two.

  • Complexity of switching phones: Transferring eSIM profiles from one device to another can be more complicated compared to transferring physical SIM cards. The process may involve additional steps and carrier support.

What happens if I lose or damage my eSIM-enabled device?

  • Loss of device: If you lose your eSIM-enabled device, it is essential to contact your carrier immediately to report the loss. They can deactivate the eSIM and prevent unauthorized usage. You may need to provide details about the device and your eSIM to verify your identity.

  • Damage to device: If your eSIM-enabled device is damaged and no longer functional, you may need to replace the device. In this case, you would typically set up the eSIM on the new device by scanning the eSIM QR code or using the activation code provided by your carrier.

  • Data backup: It is advisable to regularly backup your device, including the eSIM data, to prevent any permanent loss of information. This will ensure that if you need to switch to a new device, your eSIM profiles and associated data can be easily restored.

  • Contact carrier for assistance: In case of loss or damage, it is crucial to contact your carrier for guidance and support. They can provide specific instructions based on your situation and assist you in managing your eSIM effectively.

如果您计划使用方便且兼容的 eSIM 数据套餐环游世界,欢迎使用 ByteSIM卡 如有任何 eSIM 问题,请随时联系我们( 常见问题解答 )。我们 7/24 随时为您提供帮助!