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South Korea Travel Guide 2024

Aug 22,2023 | Tim

Geographical Position

South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea, is located in East Asia. It lies on the Korean Peninsula, with North Korea to its north and the East Sea to its east. Its southern tip is surrounded by the Korean Strait and the Yellow Sea lies to its west.


South Korea experiences four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

  • Spring (April - June): The weather is warm but not hot, with light rain possible.

  • Summer (July - August): It's hot, and the monsoon season brings heavy rain.

  • Autumn (September - November): This is arguably the best time to visit with its cool and dry weather as well as beautiful foliage.

  • Winter (December - March): The temperatures drop significantly, and it is often snowy, especially in mountainous areas.

Travel Tips

  • Transportation: Public transportation in South Korea is convenient and inexpensive. You can travel by metro, bus, and taxi within the cities and by high-speed trains or intercity buses for long distances. Consider buying a T-money card for convenient public transport and even purchases in convenience stores.

  • Network: Tourists can stay connected using free Wi-Fi available in public transportation, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other public areas in South Korea. But if you want to surf the Internet more freely wherever and whenever you are, we recommend you purchase a ByteSIM eSIM( eSIM card for South Korea) card for your mobile devices. It's convenient and cheap to acquire a stable net.

  • Language: The national language is Korean , but English is widely understood, especially in major cities.

  • Currency: The currency is the South Korean won (KRW).

  • Culture Etiquette: South Koreans appreciate a respectful demeanor. It is customary to bow when greeting someone. Also, respect for hierarchy and seniors is ingrained in their Confucian culture.

In South Korea, autumn is a wonderful time to visit as the weather is pleasant and there are several exciting festivals and events taking place. Here are some popular festivals and events held in autumn:


Free photo happiness asian multi generation dining togetherfamily holding hands and praying on thanksgiving before holiday dinnergrandparent grandchildren stay together in thanksgiving traditional dinner home

Happiness asian multi generation dining

  • Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving): Chuseok is one of the most significant holidays in Korea, celebrating the harvest and honoring ancestors. It usually falls in September. Families gather, pay respects at ancestral graves, and enjoy traditional activities like making and sharing songpyeon (rice cakes).

  • Gimje Horizon Festival: Held in Gimje City , Jeollabuk-do province, this festival takes place in late September or early October. It celebrates the region's agricultural heritage and features events like rice harvesting, traditional music and dance performances, and a grand procession.

  • Busan International Film Festival (BIFF): BIFF is one of Asia's most prominent film festivals, held annually in Busan in October. It showcases a wide range of films from around the world and attracts both international and domestic filmmakers and movie enthusiasts.

Free photo elegant mask of venetian carnival

Elegant mask of venetian carnival

Andong Mask Dance Festival: Taking place in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do province , this festival celebrates traditional mask dance performances. It usually occurs in late September or early October. Visitors can enjoy cultural performances, mask-making workshops, and street parades.


  • Seoul Lantern Festival: This festival occurs in November along the Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul. It features numerous lantern installations, depicting various themes and cultural icons. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful lantern displays and cultural performances.

Photo lantern decoration garden park in new year festival

Photo lantern decoration garden park in new year festival

  • Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival: Held in Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do province, this festival showcases thousands of traditional lanterns floating on the Namgang River . The festival takes place in October and includes various cultural events, including a lantern parade and fireworks display.

Free photo the soldier march changing of the guard demonstration

The soldier march changing of the guard demonstration

  • Gwangju Kimchi Festival: held in Gwangju City , this festival showcases Korea's most beloved dish, kimchi. Visitors can learn about the kimchi-making process, participate in cooking competitions, and sample different varieties of kimchi. The festival usually takes place in late October or early November.


Photo a variety of food including shrimp, rice, and vegetables.

A variety of food including shrimp, rice, and vegetables

South Korean cuisine is flavorful and varied. Must-try dishes include:

  • Kimchi : A traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables, typically cabbage and radishes.

  • Bibimbap : A bowl of rice topped with assorted mixed vegetables, chili pepper paste, slice of meat (often beef), and a fried egg.

  • Bulgogi : Marinated barbecued beef, typically served with lettuce or perilla leaves.

  • Samgyeopsal : Grilled pork belly barbeque served with a spicy dipping sauce.

  • Tteokbokki : Stir-fried rice cakes with a sweet-spicy gochujang sauce.

Scenic Spots

Free photo gyeongbokgung palace

Gyeongbokgung palace

  • Seoul: The capital city offers a mix of modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways, street markets like Namdaemun, ancient palaces such as Gyeongbokgung, and Buddhist Temples. Don't miss visiting the N Tower for panoramic views of the city.

Free photo haedong yonggungsa temple and haeundae sea in busan, south korea

Haedong yonggungsa temple and haeundae sea in busan, south korea

  • Busan: This coastal city offers beautiful beaches, hot springs, and seafood. Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach are among the famous spots. The city also hosts the Busan International Film Festival.

Free photo panoramic shot of a rocky white beach on thin clouds background

Panoramic shot of a rocky white beach on thin clouds background

  • Jeju Island: Renowned for its volcanic landscape, beach resorts, and vibrant nightlife. Key attractions include Hallasan National Park, Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes.

Photo gyeongbokgung palace in autumn with korean national dress

Gyeongbokgung palace in autumn with korean national dress

  • Gyeongju: Known as a museum without walls. Visit this ancient city to glimpse the cultural heritage of the Silla Kingdom at historical sites like Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto.

South Korea is a magnificent blend of history, culture, technology, and natural landscapes. It's a country that guarantees an unforgettable travel experience filled with discoveries, delights, and surprises at every turn.

Enjoy your trip!

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