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How to Remove or delete My eSIM?

Aug 29,2023 | Tim


To provide a detailed answer to your query, here are some conditions in which you may consider removing an eSIM from your phone:

  • No need for the eSIM

If you no longer need the services provided by the eSIM carrier in the network coverage, such as cross-country journey/education/business negotiation, you can remove it from your phone when you leave the country.

  • Switching to a new eSIM

When you want to switch to a different eSIM, and the eSIM capability of your device is not enough, it is advisable to remove the current eSIM(of course this one is out of signal coverage/one-time-use data plan) from your phone to install the new one. This helps avoid confusion and ensures proper installation and activation of the new eSIM.

  • Expired or unused eSIM

If an eSIM's data package has expired, and you have no intention of renewing or using it further, you can remove the eSIM from your phone.

  • Troubleshooting or resetting

In certain cases, when troubleshooting network or connectivity issues, it may be recommended to remove the eSIM from your phone as part of the troubleshooting process or before performing a factory reset.

How to Remove the eSIM From My Device?

Here is a list of steps to remove an eSIM from an iPhone, Pixel, and Samsung phones:


  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

  • Scroll down and select " Cellular" or " Mobile".

  • Tap " Cellular Plans" or " Mobile Data".

  • Identify the eSIM you want to remove and tap on it.

  • Select " Remove Cellular Plan" or " Remove Data Plan".

  • Confirm by tapping " Remove" on the prompt that appears.


  • Enter " Settings".

  • Roll down and tap on " Network & Internet".

  • Tap on " Mobile Network" or " Cellular Networks".

  • Select " eSIM" or " SIM card".

  • Locate the eSIM you wish to remove and tap on it.

  • Tap on " Remove" or " Delete" and confirm your action.


  • Go to the Settings app

  • Go downward and click on " Connections" or " Network & Internet".

  • Select " SIM card manager" or " SIM card & mobile networks".

  • Identify and Tap on the eSIM you want to remove.

  • Confirm your action when prompted.

Please note that the menu options and names may vary slightly depending on the model and software version of your device. Also, ensure that you are removing the correct eSIM and double-check your action to avoid any unintended removals.

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