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eSIM Roma Travel Guide! Everything You Need to Know

Sep 28,2023 | Tom

Free photo beautiful aerial shot of florence, italy architecture in the evening

photo beautiful aerial shot of florence, italy architecture in the evening

Rome, the capital of Italy, is a city that showcases ancient history and breathtaking architecture. It is home to iconic sites like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican City, and Trevi Fountain. Travelers can also enjoy authentic Italian cuisine such as Pizza, Pasta, Risotto and Gelato, explore picturesque neighborhoods like Trastevere, and immerse themselves in the city's vibrant atmosphere.

Well, before excitedly landing on the legendary and historical city, are you well-prepared for everything you need to notice----Visa, net work, clothes, housing, transportation, cultural taboos and so on? Especially for networks, it's one of the essential issues when traveling abroad with the popularity of mobile devices and relevant technologies. So make sure you are equipped with relevant knowledge to avoid out-of-network trouble.

Now, let's dig in!

What Is ESIM?

Enter the embedded SIM — also known as eSIM. This SIM card, as the name suggests, is built into your smartphone and cannot be taken out. The programmable SIM is physically connected to your smartphone's motherboard, performing the same function as a traditional SIM.

However, eSIM technology makes switching carriers even easier. You can make the switch right on your phone by entering information from your carrier, instead of waiting for a new SIM card to ship or making a trip to a local store to pick one up.

Advantages of ESIM Over Physical SIM

Photo traditional gondola near world famous canal grande and rialto bridge

Photo traditional gondola near world famous canal grande and rialto bridge

Here is a list of eSIM advantages compared to physical SIM:

Easy network switching

With an eSIM, it is easier than ever to switch networks, as most carriers have apps that can quickly install network information onto your eSIM. This process takes only minutes and doesn't require visiting a physical store. However, it's important to note that not all networks support eSIM.

Testing multiple carriers

ESIM makes it convenient to test out different carriers before committing. Many carriers offer free eSIM trials, allowing users to experience their networks and services by simply installing an app.

Dual-SIM functionality

Many eSIM phones support dual-SIM capability, allowing you to have two lines on one device. This is particularly useful for people who need to manage personal and work numbers or for travelers who want to use a local carrier while keeping their home carrier active.

Environmental benefits

ESIMs contribute to environmental sustainability as they eliminate the need for plastic cards and shipping materials associated with physical SIMs. By reducing waste, eSIMs have a positive impact on the environment.

Enhanced security

The embedded nature of eSIMs makes them more secure compared to physical SIM cards. It is harder to clone an eSIM and, in the event of a phone theft, removing the eSIM to avoid tracking becomes nearly impossible. This provides an added layer of security for users.

How to Set up an ESIM for Roma Travel?

Free photo breathtaking shot of the colosseum amphitheatre located in rome, italy

photo breathtaking shot of the colosseum amphitheatre located in rome, italy

Check Phone Compatibility with eSIM

Ensure that your device supports eSIM functionality. Most newer iPhones, such as the iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and later, have eSIM capabilities. The eSIM compatibility of your cellphone might vary depending on your carrier and manufacturing countries /areas. Always consult your carrier's instructions or contact their customer support if you encounter any issues or need specific guidance for your situation.

* Click here to check whether your mobile device is compatible with eSIMs

Select an ESIM Service Provider

Make sure to research and select an eSIM service provider that offers coverage in the country you plan to visit when planning your trip. If you're looking for eSIM data plan recommendations, you have the option to search on the internet or explore reputable brands such as ByteSIM , Holafly, GigSky, or Flexiroam .

Purchase and Set up ESIM

After choosing an eSIM service provider, simply go to their website or app and pick the data plan you prefer for Roma . After your purchase, you will receive an email attached with a QR code in a few minutes to activate your eSIM data plan.

Installation instructions for different smartphone brands

It has to be noted that installing, activating, and using an eSIM may vary slightly based on the phone OS provider, specific device and mobile carrier.

Follow these general steps to install, activate, and use an eSIM on popular smartphone brands:


  • Tap on " Settings"

  • Select " Cellular" or " Mobile Data."

  • Enter " Add Cellular Plan" or " Add Data Plan."

  • Using the camera, scan the QR code provided by your carrier or manually enter the activation details.

  • To successfully activate, follow the onscreen instructions.

  • The " Cellular" or " Mobile Data" section is where you can manage your eSIM settings after activation.

Pixel (Android)

  • Enter the " Settings"

  • Tap " Network & Internet."

  • Choose " Mobile network" or " SIM cards."

  • Select " Add carrier" or " Add eSIM profile."

  • You can either manually enter the activation details provided by your carrier or scan the QR code.

  • Simply follow the onscreen instructions to complete the activation process.

  • Go to the " Network & Internet" or " SIM cards" section to manage your eSIM settings.

Samsung (Android)

  • Tap the Settings app

  • Go to " Connections."

  • Select " SIM card manager" or " Dual SIM settings."

  • Tap " Add mobile plan" or " Add eSIM profile."

  • You can activate by either scanning the QR code provided by your carrier or manually entering the activation details.

  • Just follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

  • You can manage your eSIM settings in the " SIM card manager" or " Dual SIM settings" section.

[How to set up eSIMs on my ( ]([iPhone/Pixel/Samsung)***](

Free photo view of duomo at sunrise, milan, europe.

photo view of duomo at sunrise, milan, europe.

Rome, with its timeless beauty and captivating history, offers a mesmerizing experience for travelers. From historic landmarks to artistic treasures, charming squares to delectable cuisine, this eternal city will captivate your heart and leave you longing for more. So, pack your bags, get your eSIMs and embark on a journey to Rome!

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