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Troubleshooting for Network Access Failure on Samsung

Jan 30,2024 | wilming

Free photo medium shot woman posing with question marks

photo medium shot woman posing with question marks

In today's digital age, network access is indispensable for businesses and individuals alike. However, network access failures can disrupt workflows, hinder productivity, and cause frustration. Whether in a business environment or at home, coping with network access failures is a crucial skill to master. In this troubleshooting article, we will explore proactive strategies and practical solutions to tackle network access issues effectively for Samsung users. Now, let's dig in!


1. Turn on Mobile Data

Common causes of cellular data failures are typically simple and fundamental, and the problems could be as straightforward as the mobile data switch not being enabled. The solution is quite simple. You just need to scroll down your home interface and check if the Mobile Data is toggled on. If not, you can simply tap the button to activate it. Alternatively, you can access the Settings> Connections>SIM card manager and turn on your Mobile data switch.


2. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Make sure that airplane mode is switched off. When airplane mode is activated, it turns off all wireless network connections, such as Mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. You can disable airplane mode by either scrolling down the notification bar interface on your home screen or navigating to Settings and ensuring that the airplane mode option is toggled off.


3. Check Your Network Settings

To successfully access the network, the network settings on your device play a significant role. Ensuring that the network settings are configured correctly, and it is important to review and validate them thoroughly.

1. Network Mode

Tap on " Data Mode SIM" in the same list and select either 5G Auto or 4G/LTE. In most cases, it is recommended to choose 5G Auto or 4G to access the network, as 5G is currently not as popular as 4G.


2. APN

In most situations, the APN will be automatically changed according to your selected provider(s). No access to the network may occur if the auto change fails. Go to Access Point Names to see if the APN is in line with your current provider. If not, tap "..." button at the upper right page to reset your APN. In case you are unsure about the correctness of the APN, you have the option to contact the carrier's customer service or surf on a browser (if you have WiFi or other mobile data available).


3. Network Operator

Once you access Connections>Mobile networks, you will be presented with a list of network settings that correspond to the data plans you have added to your device. By tapping on the data plan you are about to use, you can access a setting list of relevant Snetwork info, such as " VoLTE calls SIM", " Network mode SIM", " Access Point Names(APN)", " Network Operators" selections and so on. For Network Operators, choose "Auto" or manually select the provider(s) that support your data plan.


4. Check and Top up the Data Amount

Another crucial factor to address when troubleshooting network connectivity problems is your data usage status. If you surpass your data limit, your mobile service provider might reduce your data speeds or disable your data access until the next billing cycle. To monitor your data usage, access the data usage settings on your device or utilize your mobile service provider's app or website. If you have reached your data limit, contemplate upgrading your plan or acquiring additional data to regain network access.

5. Be in the Operator's Network Coverage

Apart from monitoring data usage, it's essential to confirm that you are within the network coverage area. Network coverage can differ depending on your location and the service coverage offered by your mobile carrier. If you find yourself in an area with limited or no network coverage, you might encounter challenges in connecting to the network. You may want to consider moving to a different area with a stronger network signal or reaching out to your service provider to inquire about coverage in your current location.

6. Reboot and Renew Your Device OS

If the solutions above have been checked, you can just try to reboot and update your iPhone to let the OS be renewed. Over time, the device OS can encounter performance issues or glitches that affect network connectivity. By power cycling your Samsung, you can clear temporary issues and reset the device to a stable state. This process can potentially resolve connectivity problems and restore your network connection.



Network connectivity issues may arise due to a range of factors, such as mobile data settings, data usage, network coverage, and network configuration. Through a systematic review of these critical aspects, you can independently identify and address network connectivity challenges. Patience, meticulous attention, and a methodical approach are crucial for effectively troubleshooting network issues. In cases of persistent connectivity problems, seeking assistance from the internet or your mobile service provider may be required. By proactively and systematically approaching the issue, you can establish and sustain dependable network connectivity on your devices.

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