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Exploring the "This Code is No Longer Valid" Error: Causes and Solutions

Jan 30,2024 | wilming


Have you ever encountered the frustrating " This code is no longer valid" error message when trying to scan the eSIM QR code from the email sent? This error can occur in various scenarios. So today, we are gonna explore the common reasons behind this error message and provide effective solutions to deal with it.

Partially or unclearly QR code scanning

It may happen when you try to scan the QR code in a dim environment or if there is something wrong with your phone camera or the QR code. Ensure that the environment is appropriate or open the self-scanning operation, the QR code is not vague or distorted, the camera lens on your device is clean and the QR code is scanned within the camera frame to improve scanning accuracy.

Free photo person scanning qr code

photo person scanning qr code

Connectivity Issues

Connectivity problems can also lead to an error message. If there are network issues or interruptions during the verification process, the code may not be properly validated, resulting in the error. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection when entering verification codes and that all the settings are right(airplane mode "off", mobile data "on" or connected to WiFi) to minimize the chances of encountering this error. If you're experiencing consistent connectivity issues, try switching to a different network or restarting your device.

System Glitches

Occasionally, system glitches or technical issues may cause verification codes to become invalid, even if entered correctly and promptly. To cope with this, you can try to reboot your device or update your OS to the latest version. If you repeatedly encounter the "This code is no longer valid" error, despite following all the correct procedures, it may be worth reaching out to customer support for further assistance.

Free photo representations of user experience and interface design

photo representations of user experience and interface design

Expiry of QR Codes

One of the primary reasons for encountering the "This code is no longer valid" error is the code has already expired. It often happens when you buy the eSIM data plan in advance of one month or even longer. Many eSIM platforms and services generate codes that are only valid for a limited period, usually within a month. To deal with this, ensure that you scan the code promptly after receiving it and complete the verification process without delay. If your QR code has already expired, you can ask the provider if it is approved to renew the code.

Incorrect or Mistyped Codes

Free photo flat lay of laptop with hands and notebook with password information

photo flat lay of laptop with hands and notebook with password information

Another common reason for encountering the error message is entering incorrect or mistyped codes. It often occurs when your phone is unable to scan the code and try to enter the SM-DP+Code and Activation Code sent by your provider. Verification codes are typically alphanumeric and case-sensitive. Even a single wrong character can render the code invalid. Make sure to double-check the code you received and enter it accurately. If you're copying and pasting the code, be cautious of any leading or trailing spaces that could inadvertently be included.

Multiple Verification Attempts


Some platforms or services have limitations on the number of verification attempts allowed within a certain time frame. If you repeatedly enter incorrect codes or try to scan the QR code multiply( in some cases, the eSIM is actually installed your first time to scan), you may trigger the "This code is no longer valid" error. In such cases, the best approach is to wait for 3-5 minutes before attempting the verification again, ensuring you enter the most recent and valid code.

eSIM incompatibility

It has to be noted that not all devices are eSIM function supportable and even for the same phone type, there exists an eSIM compatibility discrepancy between phones produced in different regions. So you have to check whether your device is eSIM compatible before purchasing and scanning eSIM.

*If it still not working, try to contact the eSIM provider for further instructions



Encountering the "This code is no longer valid" error message can be frustrating, but understanding the reasons behind it can help you deal with the issue more effectively. Remember to enter codes promptly, ensure accuracy, and avoid multiple attempts within a short time frame. Stay connected with a stable internet connection and reach out to customer support if the problem persists. By following these solutions, you can increase the chances of successful verification and minimize the occurrence of this error.

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